80 per cent of UK travellers confident of holiday in 2022

UK: Despite another challenging year for travel, families in the UK are feeling increasingly confident that they will be able to go on holiday to their favourite international holiday hotspots in 2022, according to the latest research from Expedia Group vacation rental brand Vrbo.

The research has been revealed as part of the third edition of Vrbo’s annual Family Holiday Insider report, with many Brits  showing interest in getting back to travelling this year. Eight in ten UK families expressed confidence in their ability to get away, with over a third [36 per cent] already planning a European summer break and over a quarter [28 per cent] an international one.

Almost half [45 per cent] of families surveyed said that they want to head to the beach on their main family holiday this year, so it is hardly a surprise that the top ten destinations listed by Vrbo seeing the highest interest in searches are made up of popular European beach destinations. The data highlights a pent-up desire for sun, sea and sand for their holidays this summer, with many looking at resorts along the ‘Mediterranean corridor’ as an option for a beach trip away with the family, and interest in city breaks waning at just 14 per cent and countryside / rural trips down at 11 per cent.

The Balearic Islands came in at the top spot for the destination with the highest interest for Brits this summer, followed by the Faro district in the Algarve and Málaga in southern Spain.

The top ten international destinations with the highest interest for British travellers for summer 2022, according to Vrbo, are:

1.  Balearic Islands, Spain
2.  Faro district, Portugal
3.  Málaga province, Spain
4.  Alicante province, Spain
5.  Ionian Islands, Greece
6.  Cyprus
7.  Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain
8.  South Aegean, Greece
9.  Dordogne, France
10.  Kissimmee, USA

Meanwhile, the top ten newest international hotspot destinations are as follows:

1.  Barcelona, Spain
2.  Malta
3.  Dubrovnik, Croatia
4.  Naples, Italy
5.  Lisbon, Portugal
6.  Orlando, US
7.  Finistere, France
8.  Tarragona, Spain
9.  Kissimmee, USA
10.  Sassari, Italy

Marwan Badran, VP of Expedia Group Retail Markets EMEA, said: “With such a high level of confidence to travel again according to the latest searches made by British holidaymakers on Vrbo, there is clear desire to travel again, particularly to international summer destinations, where British families are familiar with and used to go to, prior to the pandemic.”

To reassure holidaymakers, four in ten families feel that holiday companies and property owners should offer more flexible cancellation policies.

Close to a third [31 per cent] of those surveyed indicated that high vaccination rates in both the UK and abroad would give them added assurance and confidence to plan a family holiday and travel further afield in 2022.

Over a quarter [26 per cent] of those surveyed stated that getting a third booster vaccination would make them feel more at ease to travel, whilst 23 per cent of respondents also expressed a desire to have their younger children vaccinated. 23 per cent of Brits claimed they feel used to the ‘new normal’ of travelling during the pandemic and confident to do so in 2022.

As international travel returns at pace, Vrbo’s research suggests that the staycation is still very much here to stay, however, with nearly half [47 per cent] of UK families intending to take a summer break in the UK in 2022 and nearly three quarters [72 per cent] of families choosing destinations within driving distance of their home as their first choice.

Of the domestic destinations seeing the highest interest among Brits this summer, Cornwall comes out on top, followed by the likes of Devon, Norfolk and North Yorkshire.

The top ten domestic destinations seeing the highest interest among Brits for summer travel are:

  1. Cornwall
  2. Devon
  3. Norfolk
  4. North Yorkshire
  5. Dorset
  6. Cumbria
  7. Highland, Caithness
  8. Pembrokeshire
  9. Northumberland
  10. Gwynedd, Caernarfonshire

Badran continued: “Holidays have become even more precious during these difficult times. They are not just about the excitement of travelling to new places – they are also valued as an opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, have a break from everyday life and to strengthen bonds. And when travelling in Vrbo holiday rentals, who you’re with matters just as much as where you go.”

Vrbo report: 80 per cent of UK travellers confident of holiday in 2022