Gen-Z Drives TikTok Travel Trends Viral

Amy Stewart

Gen-Z is seeking out the latest trends on their favorite social media app, TikTok. As we descend further into the new year, new travel trends are emerging as well.

From packing hacks to getting airline compensation, Gen-Z, who are the keenest to travel in 2022, are turning to the app for savings and once-in-a-lifetime expereinces.


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“Gen Z—defined as anyone born from 1997 onward—are the most keen to start booking flights in 2022. The oldest Gen Z members are just turning 25, and they’ll be in their 30s by 2030. In 2022, they’ll be taking up more significant portions of the global workforce, and as their spending power increases, so will their ability to travel,” said Naveen Dittakavi, founder and CEO of Next Vacay.

Next Vacay revealed that searches for “flight hacks for cheap flights” is up 450 percent and “travel hack flights” is up 200 percent during the last 12 months. Travel hack videos are going viral on TikTok. The hashtag #travelhacks racking up over an overwhelming 731.5 million views.

“In 2022, the travel industry can expect to see larger numbers of Gen Z travelers seeking unique and unforgettable experiences that they are willing to pay for,” said Dittakavi. “As the first digitally native generation—Gen-Zers are travel-savvy and heavily involved in planning their vacations abroad, so it only makes sense that they are turning to TikTok for hacks to save money or make their experience more enjoyable. The 350 percent increase in searches for ‘air travel hacks’ shows that this trend is here to stay.”

Here are the top 10 hacks on TikTok:

—The Airline Bump Compensation Hack

—The “Pillow” Hack

—Netflix and Chill Hack

—The DIY “Neck Pillow” Hack

—The Sneaky String Bag Hack

—The ‘Upgrade to First Class for Free’ Hack

—Packing Oversized Items Hack

—What to Never Consume on a Plane

—A Simple Trick to Get Royal Treatment

—Travel Toiletries Hack

The Airline Bump Compensation Hack was by far the most popular with more than 40 million views. The “Pillow” hack has just 24 million for comparison. Full flights mean getting bumped off a flight is once again an issue and people are looking for compensation when it happens.

Not all TikTok hacks are guaranteed to be a success or to work as Dittakavi warned.

“While very clever and worth trying, travelers should keep in mind that this hack may not work on every occasion. Most airlines will allow you to bring a travel pillow as part of your attire, but each airline will determine if you can board carrying a standard-sized bed pillow, depending on their luggage regulations. Some airlines may consider a full-sized pillow as one allotted personal item, so if you are planning on using this hack, check with your airline what pillow size is appropriate to avoid unexpected fees.”

The Neck Pillow Hack carries a similar warning. The hack involves packing clothing on your body for flights with zero baggage allowance.

“Although this sounds like a brilliant packing hack, travelers should keep in mind that it might not work for certain airlines and that regulations might change per country,” said Dittakavi. “Most airlines will allow travelers to bring on board one full-sized carry-on bag and one personal item for free. However, there are exceptions, including customers traveling on basic economy tickets. If no carry-on baggage is allowed, most airlines will allow you to bring one personal item with the condition that it fits underneath a seat. Before using this travel hack, we recommend you check with your operating airline for details on their baggage policy. Planning ahead and packing properly can ease your travel experience and help avoid paying additional fees.”

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