Hispanic Travel Trends: How to Influence Niche Travel Markets

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The travel habits of U.S. Hispanics and how to reach them through tailored marketing and more inclusive resources.

As the largest minority in the U.S., Hispanic travelers are a largely untapped niche traveler market that could help reinvigorate your destination.”

— Larry Meador

LAKE MARY, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — This year, it’s forecasted that 71% of Americans will take a leisure vacation. How to capture the attention of such a large audience? Narrow the scope. “As the travel and tourism industry players fight to stay relevant in an evolving marketplace, it’s time to revamp your marketing strategy to include an audience you may be overlooking,” said Larry Meador, founder and CEO. “As the largest minority in the U.S., Hispanic travelers are a largely untapped niche traveler market that could help reinvigorate your destination,” he continued. Keep reading to learn more about the travel habits of U.S. Hispanics and how to reach them through tailored marketing and more inclusive resources.


The best way to serve the audience is to understand their needs, motivations and habits. U.S. Hispanics have a uniquely strong attachment to cultural values and motivators that make them stand apart from other minorities. Below, we’ll dive into Hispanic and Latino traveler trends to cultivate a better understanding of potential customers.


It may be surprising to learn that Hispanics across all income levels are more likely to travel than their non-Hispanic counterparts. However, the real opportunity for the travel industry lies with affluent Hispanics. According to ThinkNow research, wealthy Hispanics take an average of two more trips per year than affluent non-Hispanics. Not only are they going on more trips, but they’re also spending more by about $300 per trip, which can add up quickly.

In addition to going on more trips and spending more money, Hispanic travelers are also bringing more people. This culture has strong ties to family values and travelers are more likely to bring extended family and close friends along with them on their domestic and international trips.


Before capturing the attention of a minority group with an increasing amount of purchasing power, it is imperative to know how they make their decisions. Almost 60% of Hispanics said their children influence their travel decision-making, which means agencies and destinations should push family-friendly experiences that appeal to travelers of all ages.


Research shows that affluent Hispanics are far more likely to travel internationally than their non-Hispanic counterparts. This niche group of travelers wants to explore what lies beyond U.S. borders and see the world. A destination has the unique opportunity to reach these international travelers by appealing to their cultural values and advertising trips to their home countries. Not only will this pique their interest, but it will also make them feel valued as customers.

While Hispanic travelers enjoy international vacations, stateside destinations can still attract this growing niche travel market. Family and children are among the top deciding factors for this group and positioning a domestic vacation spot as the perfect retreat for families may influence their travel habits.


While many people take travel plans into their own hands and rely on online resources, Hispanic vacationers are more likely to use travel advisors or agencies. These travelers are looking for an experience tailored to their interests and values, so traditional travel professionals are the best way to book a trip that suits their needs.


After creating a background on Hispanic and Latino travel habits, employ strategic marketing methods to influence their habits and draw their business.


How to capture a potential traveler’s attention when the number of messages the audience is exposed to is at an all-time high? Build a campaign that speaks to what they personally care about.

As discussed, Hispanics are passionate about their culture and values, so destinations should create a message and choose placements that reflect this. This may look like promoting experiences with Spanish-speaking tour operators in marketing materials. Even customization as simple as that can make a destination stand out from the crowd, as 82% of Hispanic travelers believe the tourism industry should value their business more. When Hispanic customers feel seen and heard, not only will business opportunities in the present be created, but a relationship that will bring return travelers.


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but images of beaches or mountains aren’t going to cut it when trying to attract Hispanic and Latino travelers. Meet potential visitors where they are by making resources such as a website and social media campaigns available in Spanish.

Marketing research shows that Hispanic travelers are more likely to book a trip using a Spanish-speaking travel agent, so it would be beneficial for an organization to hire bilingual professionals to cater to this audience.


Even a perfectly crafted message can fall flat without the right channel placement. Make sure the content shared reaches the intended audience by putting it on the right platforms during peak engagement. Take some time to look into where Hispanic travelers are tuning in or find an agency that excels at creating opportunities for engagement. A good place to start? Learn more about the nuances of travel marketing on Google versus Facebook before building a media plan and budget.

Another great way to connect with a group passionate about community and culture is to reach out to Hispanic travel influencers. Offering a stay or experience in exchange for posts on their platforms can reach Hispanic travelers through a source they already trust.

Whether trying to book leisure travel or grand international vacations, reinvigorate a destination by tapping into the niche travel market of Hispanic travelers.

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