Pros Vs. Cons To A Destination Wedding

Many things have changed over the last few years, with destination weddings being one of them – here are some pros vs. cons to consider in 2022.

A destination wedding is a wedding that happens away from the location where a couple lives. Many couples dream of having a wedding in a memorable location, and the world is vast; there are a variety of choices whether it’s tropical, romantic, or even magically snowy. The venue of a wedding is very important so deciding to wed in a different destination should be thought about carefully, taking into consideration the pros and cons.


Many couples dream of having a destination wedding as they can choose a destination that suits their preferences for their special day, such as somewhere romantic like Italy or Paris. There are many destinations in the world so the couple can choose a destination with the atmosphere and theme they prefer with their wedding which will make the experience feel very special and memorable. Even though this sounds like an exciting experience there are also cons that should be taken into consideration too.


There are many pros when choosing a destination wedding, some of these include:

  • The wedding will also feel like a vacation which is being shared and experienced with family and friends. This will make it a very special experience.
  • Though one must factor in the costs of hotels and flights, the actual wedding itself can be cheaper at a different destination.


Con’s for choosing a destination would include:

  • The destination the couple has chosen may have new rules for visitors since the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • There will be more planning to do which will involve travel and hotels for the couple and all of the guests.
  • Attendance (and potentially memories involving friends and family) can be compromised by choosing a destination wedding.

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When planning a destination wedding, planners will of course know that they will have to travel to and from the destination. This would usually be by plane but could be any form of transport such as train or bus. Whilst many people find this exciting, some might not. Some guests may not be happy as this will take up a lot of time and they may have commitments such as work or children going to school.


Pro’s for traveling to a destination wedding include:

  • This could be a new experience for the couple or even the guests which can make the whole experience more exciting.
  • Some couples don’t like the idea of having a big audience for their wedding, so telling guests they will have to travel may put many of them off and only the very close family and friends will put the effort into coming, meaning a smaller audience.


There are also cons that should be considered when traveling to a destination wedding. Some of these include:

  • Travelling could take up a lot of time, this may make the couple and guests feel very tired when it comes round to the wedding and people also have commitments.
  • Guests may not be able to afford the cost of travel and some may even be anxious about traveling.

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The Couple

The most important people for a wedding are the couple getting married. For them to have a destination wedding they need to be happy and comfortable with the idea. Whilst some couples enjoy a wedding in their hometown, many fantasize about having a destination wedding as this can create good memories and it can be a very romantic and magical experience for them.


Pros for why a couple should plan a destination wedding include:

  • The couple can get married in their dream destination and make the most magical moment of their lives together happen there.
  • A destination wedding can cost a lot less, there will be many more places to choose from rather than just one place with one set of prices.


Cons that can steer a couple away from the idea of a destination wedding include:

  • Regulations to get to the place with the COVID-19 rules
  • When going on vacation there is a lot of planning that goes into it, adding a wedding on top of that is a lot of stress. Couples would need more planning as you will have to think about different times and dates, flights, hotels, rules for the other destination, and everything else that goes into a wedding and a vacation.

The Guests

Guests are a big part of a wedding. The guests are usually very close and important friends and family to the couple getting married. Many guests would love the idea of a couple having a destination wedding and here is why:


There are many reasons why guests would enjoy the idea of a destination wedding.

  • The wedding will be like a vacation for them.
  • They will also be with friends and family which will make this an exciting experience.


Many guests do not make it to destination weddings this can be because of many reasons and some include:

  • Some guests may not be able to afford the costs of s destination wedding such as the flights and hotels and some may even feel too anxious about doing so.
  • With the new guidelines since the COVID-19 outbreak, most destinations now require a vaccine, and some guests may have not had this or are not willing to.

Deciding to have a destination is a very big decision to make for couples. The idea of having a hot summer wedding on a tropical island or a romantic city wedding in Paris sounds very adventurous and magical; although this sounds like a dream, couples should be made aware of all potential factors involved in executing a destination wedding.

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