Top 5 travel trends we will witness in 2022

Top 5 travel trends we will witness in 2022

Apr 21, 2022, 04:38 pm
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Top 5 travel trends we will witness in 2022
This year people are determined to turn their dream destinations into reality.

The travel industry in India boomed despite the pandemic, as more and more people took to domestic travel and searched for newer places to relax.

The frustration of a lengthy lockdown also helped the revival of domestic tourism. Indians are hopeful of 2022 to be a better year for travel.

More people are determined to turn their dream vacation into a reality.

Rise of sustainable tourism

Travelers and people, in general, are more aware of climate change, degradation of soil, and conservation of natural resources.

Sustainability will remain a priority for travelers, as people try to act responsibly keeping in view the need of the hour with their passion to travel.

More people may participate in activities with local organizations and build real connections with people from various communities.

Technology and digitalization have transformed our daily lives as many of us get to work remotely.

The pandemic accelerated digital transformation and changed the world of travel.

Fortunately, travelers adapted well to this new module.

More people are traveling within the country while working, without seeking offdays from their jobs!

People who got to spend no time with their families are now traveling together.

Several offices operating remotely have allowed people to save time on the daily commute, save money, and think of different working environments.

Courtesy of hotspots and pocket WiFis we are now able to have a workation and work from most places for weeks or even months.

We can now enjoy the majestic views of lush green forests and mountains while working from our lappies!

With pandemic curbs lifted, things have returned to normal and people are looking to explore abroad again.

As many had to cancel or postpone travel plans indefinitely, now they can pursue those foreign trips without fear.

Places like Maldives, Dubai, and Sri Lanka have been experiencing footfalls from India in the past year, and the spectrum of foreign travel is bound to increase more.

Once in a lifetime travel!

As per a recent survey titled Global Travel Trends Report, about 91% of Indians planned to go on a dream vacation in 2022 which they might not have considered earlier, while a whopping 87% wanted to book a once-in-a-lifetime trip this year.

After the pandemic made everyone realize the value of life, people are inclined toward luxury travel, difficult treks, and long holidays.