UK Nationals Like to Visit Familiar Holiday Spots Over New Destinations, Research Shows

Amy Stewart

Over 73 per cent of Brits repeat the same holiday every year, a study by the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) reveals.

According to the research, UK nationals also tend to do similar things while on their holiday every year, as three quarters have revealed they visited the same hotel more than once, accounting for more than four return trips to their favourite holiday spot, reports.

In addition, 55 per cent of these travellers that continue visiting the same spot say they have no reason to change that particular destination, while 30 per cent say they don’t like planning. Another 27 per cent said they want to see familiar faces each time they travel.

However, the research further shows that although holiday repeaters like the comfort familiar holidays provide, they are growing tired of visiting the same hotel, as 17 per cent of respondents said. In addition, 15 per cent of them said they are beginning to get tired of the same food, while another 13 per cent would possibly like the meet new people.

On the other hand, respondents that were looking to try something new revealed they need guidance as 43 per cent said they would like someone to help them plan their trip, while 49 per cent said they would like help to get better travel deals. About 44 per cent said they would like advice on what to avoid when travelling, and 41 per cent need guidance on where to go.

According to Gary Anslow, Senior Director of Sales UK and Iceland at NCL, the role of the travel agent has never been more important to travellers, as nearly 50 per cent of Brits revealed they need guidance to book something different.

Following two years of little to no travelling activity, Brits are looking forward to visiting new holiday spots, with 53 per cent of them saying they want to travel to never-visited-before destinations. About 37 per cent of respondents said they want to experience a new culture, while 36 per cent are excited to try new cuisines.

“It’s clear from this research that much of the population struggles to get inspired to try something new, especially when it comes to holidays, with so many people wanting to step out of their comfort zone but being unsure how to do so,” Eamonn Ferrin, Vice President of International Business at NCL said.

With nearly six in ten Brits, representing 58 per cent of respondents, not having travelled abroad since March 2020, when the pandemic began, they are now eager for adventures. Furthermore, 44 per cent of them plan to make up for the lost time by being more daring with their next trip, with 29 per cent saying their dream holiday would include destinations on multiple continents.

UK Nationals Like to Visit Familiar Holiday Spots Over New Destinations, Research Shows

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