Yonder Travel Insurance Predicts Exotic, Expensive Beach Vacation Trends for Summer 2022

MINNEAPOLIS, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As COVID-19 is starting to become less of a threat to travel, more people are seeking to fuel their wanderlust with expensive, bucket list-style trips for this summer of 2022. Yonder Travel Insurance, a travel insurance comparison site, found that travelers are willing to spend double the amount on trip expenses compared to 2019 quote data. Travelers are also opting for exotic beach vacations, ticking off destinations they’ve been dreaming about during the pandemic.

The experts at Yonder provide insight to the summer 2022 travel trends and how travel insurance can bring peace of mind amongst the “travel chaos” that is rumored to put a wedge in some travel plans in the coming months.

55% Increase in Average Trip Cost from 2019

Yonder customers are spending an average of 55% more on their trips! The average trip cost in 2019 was $4,072.17. Now, in 2022, the average trip cost is $9,015.86. Many have had time to save up over the past pandemic-ridden years while travel was suspended, and even more are looking to take the trip of a lifetime. 

Exotic Beach Vacations are Favored

Destinations like the U.S. Virgin Islands, Turkey, Croatia, Israel, Greece, and Spain are a few of the hot spots for Yonder customers this summer. These destinations are often on many travelers’ bucket lists due to the country’s beauty and experiences it offers.

“Travelers understand that it’s now or never. Since the pandemic, travelers have been itching to explore the world and now they want to make it even more worthwhile with bigger trips”, says Terry Boynton, president and co-founder of Yonder.

Why Travel Insurance is Important for Expensive Trips

The higher the trip cost, the greater risk you face of losing it should something derail your vacation plans.

“Travel insurance provides peace of mind in regards to the ever-changing travel industry, which is still catching up with demand, “says Boynton. “It can help mitigate that risk by offering reimbursement of your trip cost if you must suddenly cancel due to an unforeseen event. Travel insurance also prevents you from losing even more money if your flight gets delayed or you are forced to quarantine on your trip.”

The experts at Yonder Travel Insurance have poured over hundreds of policies from the best travel insurance providers in the US to provide the best travel insurance recommendation for how YOU travel. Run a quick quote and compare travel insurance policies for your next trip using our instant quote tool. Yonder donates meals to vulnerable children in need with each policy sold so you can travel well, and do well, when you go Yonder.

Beckah Morris, Marketing Manager
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